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Managing Personal Injury Accident Expectations

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It's only natural to expect things after an accident. However, some victims are disappointed by the difference between reality and expectations. To help you manage your expectations after an accident, read below and get the facts.


If you expect the insurer to be on your side, they won't be. The driver who caused the accident and their insurer are responsible for your accident losses. The other driver's insurer does not have anyone's best interest in mind—even that of their own client. Insurers are there to make money. They can do that best by keeping accident payouts to a minimum. Their interactions with a victim are geared toward reducing their financial liability. Keep that in mind and avoid speaking with them for any reason.

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you expect to be paid enough money from the accident to cover your losses, that may not happen automatically. Most people who do end up being paid for their losses get a personal injury lawyer to help. A personal injury lawyer knows how much victims are owed, and they know how to obtain that money for them. In most cases, the insurer will only willingly pay for vehicle repairs and medical expenses. You may also be paid for your lost wages and pain and suffering as well, though it takes more negotiating to do so. 

Preexisting Conditions

If you expect smooth sailing with your case, that may not occur. If your accident is worth a lot of money, you might experience some problems. The other side might use issues like preexisting conditions to reduce your medical expenses. Speak to your personal injury lawyer if you are asked to sign a release pertaining to previous medical conditions. The other side could be planning to make things more difficult for you. 


If you expect things to be over quickly, that depends on several factors. The seriousness of an accident is not judged by vehicle damage. Rather, it is the physical injuries of the victim that differentiate a case. If you experienced very bad injuries and they are going to take a long time to heal, you will need to wait a bit longer for your settlement. Even though you can settle your case before your injuries have completely healed, you should at least reach a point at which your future medical needs can be predicted. Otherwise, you will have settled your case for less money than you deserve. 

Know what you can expect after your accident. You can expect your personal injury lawyer to obtain as much compensation as possible for your case. 

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