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Issues You May Want Your Attorney To Clarify Before Taking Up Your Truck Crash Claim

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When a trailer, delivery truck, cargo truck, or tanker truck hits your vehicle, you may have the right to file a lawsuit. That said, you may wonder where to start and what steps to follow when pursuing compensation. The good news is that you can get the answers to these and other questions by contacting a truck injury attorney. In addition, doing so will help you understand your case and how to protect your rights throughout the legal process. Here are questions you should ask your attorney.

How Will You Determine Who to Sue?

There are several ways of determining the parties to sue after a truck crash. This includes reviewing the police report to know the liable party after investigating the crash. Your attorney will also gather evidence to show who the wrongdoer was by getting statements from witnesses who saw the collision. In addition, they will take photos of the crash scene, your injuries, and the vehicle damage. Further, they will obtain the images captured by the truck's dashboard camera. Note that all this information will enable your lawyer to paint a picture of what happened at the collision scene and who the wrongdoers were.

Who Can You Sue for Your Injuries?

You should know that you can sue different parties for your injuries in truck crash cases, including the trucker. This may be possible if they were an independent contractor or if their negligence caused the crash. However, if the driver's action was unintentional and they were working for a trucking firm, you may sue their employer. This is especially true if the employer forced the trucker to drive at a higher speed to meet client demands. In addition, the trucking company may be liable if they forced the driver to overwork or never undertook a proper background check to ensure that the trucker could navigate a semi when hiring them.

You can also take legal action against a trucking firm if the collision happened because of failing to maintain the truck. In addition, if the truck breaks down because of manufacturing defects, you can sue the manufacturer or other responsible parties. Given the number of liable parties, your lawyer can get different experts to assist them in identifying the wrongdoers when a truck crash happens because of mechanical problems. Then, they will take legal action against the responsible parties to ensure you get all the payments you deserve.

If you're planning to file a truck accident lawsuit, a truck injury lawyer can explain everything you want to know about your case. They will then take up your lawsuit to assist you in pursuing justice. 

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