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What To Do If You Are Involved In A Rideshare Accident

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Claiming damages for a rideshare accident is more complex than for ordinary accidents. The main factors determining your damage award are whether you were with a client at the time of the crash or whether you were idle or resting. It is essential to hire a rideshare accident lawyer to increase your chances of a fair settlement. Here are some steps you should take after the accident.

Report the Accident to the Rideshare Company 

While the first step after a car accident should be to report the incident to the police, you should also ensure you notify the company. You can report the accident online through the rideshare's help section. The incident report is essential evidence that will help you get compensated for your injuries.

In your incident report, don't include information about your injuries. These details should be disclosed after receiving a doctor's complete evaluation. Otherwise, if you indicate that you have no injuries or feel okay, you cannot recant these statements and seek compensation for injuries later.

Gather Evidence

You need to gather as much evidence as possible to strengthen your accident claim. Take pictures of the rideshare accident scene and reconstruct the accident. You can acquire a lot of evidence from accident reconstruction, including the liable driver.

Talk to witnesses to get another perspective that will help with your claim. For example, if a rideshare driver hits you, question the rideshare passenger. Talk to eyewitnesses at the crash scene if you were the rideshare driver hit by another driver. Witness testimony can provide significant evidence for your case.

Expert testimony can also help affirm your claim. For example, you can ask a medical expert to testify about how the accident has affected the quality of your life.

File Notice of Claims

After gathering sufficient evidence, your rideshare accident lawyer will help you file a notice of claims. Many auto insurance companies expect you to file a notice of claims within days of the crash. It doesn't matter whether you know the extent of your injuries or the insurance company that will pay the benefits—file notices of claims with your insurance provider and your rideshare driver's insurance company. 

Also, file notices of claims with the rideshare's insurance provider and the other driver's insurance company. You can withdraw your claim if it isn't applicable. However, you may not receive compensation if you don't file your notice within certain time limits.

In Closing

If you are involved in a rideshare accident, you need to call a rideshare accident lawyer before answering any questions from the insurance company or the police. Self-incrimination is one way you could lose your chance of fair compensation. Your rideshare lawyer will help gather evidence and negotiate with the insurance company involved. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer will represent you in court and ensure you get the best possible deal.