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Wrongful Death On A Construction Site

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People dying on construction sites is not common these days. However, that does not mean that it cannot happen. The following illustrates some causes of wrongful deaths on a construction site and who to sue if you were a victim and feel you have no other recourse. 


Horseplay, or the intentional actions of people trying to play-fight or shove each other around, is often the source of many work-related accidents. This is no less true of construction zones, where it is even easier to be injured in the course of doing silly and ridiculous stunts or play-fights for the purpose of entertaining self and others. If someone dies because of the result of horseplay while at work, you can sue on behalf of your loved one and sue the person who was involved in the horseplay that led to your loved one's death. Additionally, consider suing the supervisor on duty at that time because the supervisor should have been aware of what was happening and taken measures to stop it. 


Anger can made you do all kinds of things that sane people would not ordinarily do. In the case of construction and construction workers, it can make someone do something like punch someone or push them off of something high above the ground. In any case, the anger usually passes when that moment of truth arrives and the person is suddenly very aware of what he or she has just done, and that action taken in anger was not really worth it. Sue the person who committed the crime of passion; he or she is likely the only person at fault here. 

Equipment Accidents

All of the usual equipment and vehicles involved in construction are big and dangerous enough to maim or kill someone. Equipment accidents on a construction site are as common as pennies in everyone's pocket. Usually, the accidents are minor, and most people survive them. However, the occasional fatality does occur. If it is the direct result of someone's negligence (e.g., pointing a nail gun in the wrong direction while talking to someone or running a forklift into a stack of building supplies that then fall on a person walking behind the stack), then you sue the person that was operating the equipment or vehicle. You might also want to sue the trainer on the jobsite for training this employee poorly. 

Contact a wrongful death accident lawyer for more information about these or related situations.