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Defend Yourself Against Claims Of Inexperience If You're An Experienced Cyclist

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Following an accident in which you were riding your bicycle and were in a collision with a vehicle, you may find yourself embroiled in a nasty court case in which the driver's attorneys accuse you of negligence. There are many ways that you can support your claim that you were following the rules of the road, but you shouldn't hesitate to demonstrate your experience as a cyclist. Your bicycle accident attorney can stress that your extensive experience as a rider makes you unlikely to make a mistake, thus putting the onus of responsibility on the motorist. Here are some ways to explain your experience.

You're A Professional

There are a number of people who use a bicycle as a part of their job. Bike messengers, food delivery professionals, and many other people spend the bulk of their workday on two wheels. Provide some data to your bicycle accident lawyer about this type of experience. For example, you might calculate how long you've been doing this job, how many hours of riding you do every week, and how many accidents you've had. A good attorney can argue that your experience and conscientious approach to safety means that you weren't in the wrong.

You Commute On A Bike

Even if you don't use your bicycle during the workday, you might use it before and afterward as a means of commuting. Riding your bike to and from work means that you log several hours of biking time annually, which should make you a seasoned cyclist who is acutely aware of the rules of the road. For example, because you're sharing the road with motor vehicles, you might always make a point of signalling with your arm and heeding traffic signs. This is another example of your riding experience that may bolster your case.

You've Competed In Several Race Events

If you have an extensive history of competing in cycling races, don't hesitate to bring up this topic to your attorney. While it's true that being a road cyclist who has participated in several races doesn't automatically mean that you're careful when you're sharing the road with cars, any good attorney can use this experience to support your case. For example, your attorney may say that over the course of 23 races dating back several years, you've learned how to keep your bike under control and watch for hazards, and you were doing so on the day of the accident, too.