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Two Of The Worst Semi Truck Accidents And Why They Prove Your Need For A Lawyer

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Semi truck accidents are not just trucks that jackknife in the road, or skid and hit the cars ahead of them. No, no, no; semi trucks can get into some of the most unbelievable and horrific accidents possible. Then the drivers leave the victims or the victims' families behind while the driver (in most cases) just walks away. If you were in an accident with a semi truck and survived, but you do not want to pursue a lawsuit, the following examples of some of the worst semi accidents may change your mind and prove to you why you need a semi-truck crash attorney.

High Winds in Wyoming

You would have thought that there was no way for high winds to flip a semi-truck and trailer. Yet, a case caught on dash cam and aired on the internet clearly shows a truck driver driving into high winds in Wyoming, without slowing down or a care in the world. The truck is suddenly lifted and turned upside down right on top of a police car! The police car was stopped on the side of the road, and the semi truck utterly destroyed it.

Thankfully, no one was hurt (except the truck driver, a little bit), but it shows the reckless endangerment of the truck driver. In this case, the truck driver would have to pay restitution for the lost squad car and damages. If they had flipped on top of the squad car with an officer inside, they would have lost their license, been fined, and/or charged with manslaughter, at the very least. The surviving family of the officer would have sued for the loss of a loved one, had that been the case.

Inattentive Driver in Gurnee Illinois

A truck driver on the freeway in Gurnee, IL, did not see that there were several cars stopped or slowing down in the lane in which the truck driver was traveling. As such, he/she slammed into the back of one car and kept going until a total of six other cars were utterly demolished. This was not a trucking accident caused by weather, but by a truck driver traveling too fast and not paying attention to other vehicles on the road. As a result, eight drivers and passengers that day went to a hospital when the only things they expected to do were going home from work, running errands, and taking care of the kids.

One person was in critical condition, and two drivers had to have the jaws of life remove them from their vehicles. If you think that your trucking accident was not worth the lawsuit, consider the fact that truckers who are not made to be responsible for their actions in one accident may kill or maim others in another accident later on. In this case, you can bet that this driver was sued and that they will pay better attention to driving.