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Too Many Points On Your License, Too Little Time To Get Points Back: How This Works

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So, you have run into a once-in-a-lifetime situation; your license is about to get hit with another two or three points, and you are nearly at the max now. Your hearing for the latest traffic incident is only a month away. You can remedy this, in part, by yourself. You can also seek advice from traffic violation attorneys such as Wood & Rabil  LLP. Here is how this is going to all pan out.

Doing Your Part

Find at traffic school. There is a class you can take that helps remove points from your license so that you do not lose your license. You probably should have taken this months ago, but then no one can accurately predict how many traffic offenses they will have in a year. Just be sure to take the next point-reducing class as soon as possible. There is a fee attached, and you need to pay it before the class instructor can forward your completion certificate to the DMV/DOT to get your points removed from your license.

Getting a Lawyer to Do His/Her Part

Next, hire a traffic lawyer. The traffic lawyer can appear at your hearing and attempt to reduce your points on this latest ticket. You can also produce a copy of the certificate that shows that you have already made a move toward improving your driving, which may sway the judge's decision in your favor. It may also buy you some time until the DMV/DOT removes the points from your license.

Doing things this way can help you avoid losing your license or having it suspended until the points you earned back allow you to get your license back again. Otherwise, you can generally expect to have your license suspended for a month or more. If your license is still in danger of being suspended, be prepared for that to happen.

Reducing the Financial Stress of the Ticket

Additionally, there may be a legal fee attached to your ticket. If your lawyer cannot get the points removed, then maybe they can reduce or eliminate the fee so that you can take a taxi or bus to or from work. A suspended license often means that you are only allowed to go to and from work or school until your license is restored. If your lawyer is able to reduce the financial stress of your ticket, that goes a long way to paying for the transportation you will need until your restored points kick in and you can get your license back