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Effect Of Motorbike Tires On Riding Stability

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One of the reasons motorbikes seems more dangerous and accident-prone than cars is their susceptibility to instability. The nature of a motorbike's tires has a great effect on the bike's stability. Here are some of the specific ways in which tires affect motorbike stability:

The Width of the Tires

The width of the tires affects the stability of the motorcycle, especially around corners, by determining the surface area of the tire (and hence the treads) that comes into direct contact with the road surface. Note that there is no universal tire size that all riders are advised to have; you are advised to choose the size of your tires based on the type of bike and the type of roads you frequent. For example, wide tires are better suited to off-road riding than smaller tires. Therefore, the width of the tires is one of the things accident investigators will focus on when investigating a motorcycle accident.

Tire Tread Depth

The depth of the tire tread is important because it determines how much grip the tires have on the road. Imperfect grip increases the instability of the bike, especially at high speeds. Apart from the reduced grip, worn tires (especially tires whose fabric or cords are showing through) are also more susceptible to blowouts than tires with good treads. A tire blowout at a high speed is probably one of the worst things as far as motorbike stability is concerned. Don't be surprised if a motorbike rider with seriously worn tires is found at least partially liable for an accident if the authorities believe good tires could have prevented the crash.

The Pressure on the Tires

It is advisable to check your motorcycle tires every time you want to take it for a spin because the tire pressure will also affect your stability during the ride. Many people worry about overinflating their tires, but under inflation is just as bad as far as reduced stability is concerned. For example, using low-pressure tires interferes with steering accuracy, which can easily lead to accidents. It's always best to stick to manufacturer recommendations as far as tire pressure is concerned.

Type of Treads

It is not just the depth of the tires that matter, but also the type of tread patterns on them. For example, large knobby treads don't have good grips on hard surfaces (such as pavements) but perform safely on loose dirt (making them suitable for off-road riding).

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