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3 Main Stages Of Settling A Car Accident Case

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Trying to settle a major car accident case can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and confusing, especially if you have never been through anything like this before. If you are preparing to take action against the person responsible for the accident, here are three of the main stages you should know about that you will go through when settling your case.

Hiring a Lawyer

The first stage of a car accident case involves choosing a lawyer to represent you in the matter. As you look for a lawyer, make sure you choose one that knows car accident laws, rules, and statutes. You should also look for one with experience settling cases. You can talk to as many lawyers as you would like before you choose one, and it is a good idea to talk to at least a few. Finding one you can work with is important, as you will be talking to your lawyer a lot until you settle your case.

Determining How to Proceed with the Case

The second stage involves creating a strategy to use to settle your case. This can involve gathering the right evidence to back up your case. It can also involve talking to the insurance company that will pay the settlement. As your lawyer completes these steps, he or she will determine a plan for your case. This plan will be a strategy that is designed to not only prove that the other person is at fault, but to also prove that you deserve a large settlement for your damages, injuries, and trauma.

Collecting the settlement and distributing it accordingly

When you finally reach an agreement on your case and receive the money from your settlement, your lawyer will need to distribute it accordingly. If your personal injury lawyer charges a contingency fee, he or she will take that from the settlement amount first. For example, if your lawyer charges 30% and you receive $100,000 for your case, your lawyer will take the first $30,000 for his or her fees.

If there are other bills and expenses to pay, the lawyer will take those out of your settlement amount, too. You will then receive the remaining money from the settlement amount.

If you would like to initiate a personal injury case against the person who caused your recent car accident, you should consider hiring a lawyer right away. Your lawyer will help you through each of the stages and will serve as your advocate during the entire case. If you experience another accident, even something like a dog bite, you can turn to personal injury lawyers, as there are specific dog bite attorneys that specializes in those accident cases.