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3 Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident

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Each time you drive your car, you risk getting in an accident. Car accidents occur every day in every city and town, and they can complicate life and leave you injured. If this ever happens to you, here are three mistakes you should avoid making after the car accident happens:

Admitting You Caused It

The first thing people often say to each other after an accident is "I'm so sorry." While it might seem like the polite thing to do, these words automatically indicate you feel like you are at fault for the accident, and the worst thing you can do after an accident is to take responsibility for causing it.

If you admit fault after an accident, it could be reported that you admitted you caused the accident. If this happens, you will not be able to settle with the other person's insurance company for the damages and injuries you experienced from the accident. Therefore, one mistake to avoid after an accident is admitting any type of fault for it.

Not Reporting The Accident

In some cases, accidents seem so minor that people involved with them do not report the accidents to the police. There are also times when one driver pleads with the other not to call the police. This driver might have a reason to ask this of you, and the reason is probably related to some type of wrongdoing that he or she is guilty of.

You should always contact the police after an accident to report it. This is necessary for settling with the insurance companies, and it is also required by law.

Assuming The Police Know What Happened

The other important mistake some people make is assuming the police know what happened during the collision. While police are good at making assumptions when accidents happen, you must make sure you give them your side of the story. They should include your side of the story on the police report so that you have evidence of what really happened.

Failing to give the police an account of what you think happened could harm your chances of collecting a settlement for the accident.

If you were recently involved in an accident and made any of these mistakes, you should contact a lawyer that specializes in car accident cases. He or she might be able to help you correct the mistakes and settle it for a fair amount. Get in touch with a law office like Katz Nowinski PC for more information and assistance.