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Dog Bite Injuries: Steps To Take In The First Hour To Help Your Case

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Dogs are an extremely popular pet, with more than 78 million being kept as pets in the United States alone. While many dogs are calmed and trained, it's hard to predict when a dog bite will occur. Even if the injury from a dog bite seems small, it's important to follow a specific procedure after this happens. Taking things one step at a time can help you down the line and prevent any mistakes. The first hour after a dog bite is one of the more crucial times. By being prepared during these times, you can protect yourself and take the steps needed for any possible settlements.

Injury Treatment

After getting bitten by a dog, your health should be one of your top priorities. If the dog has broken through the skin, then you should visit an emergency medical center or walk-in clinic. Getting medical treatment during the first hour of your injury is crucial for preventing infection or improper healing. A doctor may also have to perform emergency plastic surgery to help heal specific body parts or flaps of skin. For example, if you were bit in the face, then a plastic surgeon can help eliminate large scarring or open wounds that appear there. Getting medical treatment right away will also help keep records of your injury and the severity of it.

Contacting Authorities

As you head off to get medical treatment, you or a loved one should contact the proper authorities about the dog bite. In many cases, the local police are the best people to contact. Police can create an official report, look into past incidents with the dog, and investigate whether further action needs to be taken with the dog or the dog owner. It may also be necessary to contact your local animal control officer. These officers can investigate whether the dog has any diseases or if the dog has violent tendencies. A report may also be written up by the animal control officer. This report can put the dog or dog owner at fault for your injuries.

Legal Help

If you're bitten by a dog, then you may seek a settlement for emotional trauma, medical bills, and other damages. Before accepting any type of agreement or settlement, it's important to contact legal help. A personal injury lawyer can not only help with reaching a settlement, but they can give you advice on specific actions to take. This is why it's important to contact a lawyer soon after the injury has occurred. This can help prevent you from doing anything that will hinder your case and a possible settlement. A lawyer will typically give you quick advice over the phone and then bring you in for a consultation within a couple of days. This can also help you start the legal process a lot faster.

Evidence Gathering

One of the main tips that an injury lawyer will give you is to gather as much evidence as possible for the case. When it comes to a dog bite, it's important to take images of the dog bite and how the injury progresses. This includes the initial bite and any treatments like stitches. Family or friends can also gather further evidence while you seek medical help. This includes the location of the bite and any pieces of visual evidence like blood on the ground. Pictures of the dog can also help build evidence for the case. Along with pictures, videos can be used as evidence. If the dog bite occurred at a public location, then you can seek evidence of the attack from anyone that was recording with a cell phone. Visuals of the actual attack can help make a big difference on your injury case.

As the first hour goes by, it's important to follow up and keep track of each element in the case. This can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and you get a settlement that you deserve. For more information, contact a personal injury attorney like Charlie Tucker P.A.