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5 Modern Car Features That May Impact Your Personal Injury Case

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A majority of advances in automobile technology has led to increased safety and comfort for drivers. While these features are innovative and can change the way you drive, they may also inadvertently be a part of the cause for an accident. Whether there are technological glitches, manufacturing defects, or driver distractions, the following five car features could become a major part of your automobile case. When working with a personal injury attorney, it's important to see if any of these factors will impact or help your case.

Keyless Ignition System

A keyless ignition system gives you the ability to start your vehicle with just the push of a button. This technology works by communicating with a small fob that is kept in your purse or pocket. Along with the ability to start the car, the keyless system is supposed to automatically shut off. Because of multiple factory defects, there have been cases where vehicles have no shut off and kept running.

If you believe your keyless ignition system was a part of your accident, then you should bring this information to an attorney. The attorney has the ability to look into similar cases, factory recalls, and have a full examination of your vehicle and the evidence from a crash.

Rearview Cameras

Many modern cars have relied on the modern convenience of a rearview camera. When using these cameras, drivers are able to reverse and see blind spots behind them. If your accident occurred while driving in reverse, a rearview camera may be involved with the cause. Camera glitches, broken sensors, and limited visibility may all contribute to an accident. A delay in the camera feed could also lead the vehicle to miss out on objects or other things like moving pedestrians.

An attorney can help prove that a camera glitch caused the problem. As long as you were operating the vehicle correctly, you may not be at fault for a defect in the camera system.

Touch Screen Panels

Large touch screen panels often make it easier to access car settings, music, and other media, but these large panels can also be a huge distraction. When driving at night, the brightness of these panels may limit your vision on the road. Even after making proper adjustments, the panels may have been a factor in your accident.

By giving your attorney a detailed account of your accident, they can help determine whether the car's technology was involved. It's also important to look at similar cases where the panel has been involved.

Air Bag Sensors

Multiple seats in modern vehicles use airbag sensors to help activate airbags when needed. If you're driving alone, grocery bags, purses, or even small pieces of technology can activate these sensors. Once activated, the sensors could cause an airbag to improperly go off during an accident. If this occurs, the extra air bags could actually cause more harm than actual help.

By using photo and video evidence, you can showcase to an attorney whether or not your airbags have improperly gone off in seats where no one was occupied. If this increased your injuries or dangers, then your attorney could seek additional damages through an injury lawsuit.

Bluetooth Technology

Vehicles often have the ability to connect with Bluetooth technology. This allows you to talk hands-free on a cell phone. While the technology can keep both hands on the wheels, phone calls, rings, and notifications can still be a distraction to drivers.

If Bluetooth products interfered with your ability to focus on the road, then an attorney can look into the specific details of the case. This includes the use of the wireless technology, how loud the indicators were, or if the sounds interfered with your ability to drive.

When working on injury cases like this, it's important to focus on the responsibility of the driver while using this modern technology. The more you can prove your innocence in a crash, the easier it is for an attorney to make a case. Consider all of the factors in an accident when consulting with legal help from a firm like Stapleton Law Offices.